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A Simple Audio File Converter Without Ridiculous Limits

Are you tired of trying to convert your large audio file to mp3 only to find a 200MB limit and a newsletter sign-up? If so, you have stumbled upon the right page. Maybe you came here on purpose. Either way, put your big WAV, FLAC, OGA, MP4, or other audio file type into the converter and hit convert.

That's It?

Yep, pretty much. If you were looking for 27 options on what your file specs need to come out as, you're not on the right page (maybe Dawdio will make one of those one day). This tool is for someone who needs a smaller file size so they can upload it to their website or podcast app without making it implode.

Is There Any File Size Limit?

Well, there's no set limit on how large your file can be, but the web won't let you upload a 10GB file or something like that. I have personally converted a 900MB file with this tool. I hope it can convert something bigger, but we're not aware of what the limit is. Try it! You can convert your small audio files to mp3 as well. Dawdio used the Lamejs library to build this. You can find more info on Lame at www.mp3dev.org.

Free Online Audio File Converter

Here's the thing, this is a free online audio file (WAV, FLAC, OGA, MP4, etc.) to mp3 converter without the annoying file size limit. You don't have to sign up or anything like that. Just convert your file and have an excellent rest of the day!

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