Recording Party (Free Video Conference Recorder)

Recording Party is DAWdio's free multichannel, video conference, video call, audio recording, video recording, easy to use app! You can use Recording Party to record your own audio track while on a video or audio call, or you can record all audio tracks separately (great for removing blunders on individual tracks).

Start a recording party!

Recording party is really easy to use. All you have to do is use the button above to go to the Recording Party home page. When you're there, give your room a name and name yourself. Once you're in the room, copy the room link (the button in the top panel) and send it to whoever you want to join you!

  1. Features
  2. Record
  3. Chat
  4. Screen Share
  5. Standard Functionality
  6. Customize
  7. Techniques
  8. Teamwork
  9. Mixing the Audio
  10. Setting Up
  11. Use Cases
  12. Keep in Mind!



There are four ways to record with Recording Party. You can record your own video with Record My Video, your own audio with Record My Audio, all audio streams separately with Record All Audio Streams, or click to start a local audio recording for each participant with Record Each Local Audio (best audio quality!). Use the icon at the top to choose from the recording options. Just hit that icon to start, and when you stop (with the same icon) your media will start downloading. Simple and easy recording online!


There's a nifty little chat feature that allows you to easily communicate between parties if you need to communicate without audio. Send a chat to the group to ensure everyone knows what you're recording about in the next segment. This is perfect for recording audio for podcasts online for free!

Screen Share

There's a screen sharing option (aside from the one you can record with). You can get it started by clicking the icon.


You can mute with the icon, and toggle your personal video on and off with the icon.


You'll also see a dark mode option / that is easier on the eyes at night time. Click the letter beside the dark mode icon to change the fonts on the page, and click the icon beside the font icon to change the color scheme. Add an image to your background by clicking the picture icon.

More to Come

DAWdio has many ideas planned to enhance the tools in this app. Keep coming back to check out what is new. Thanks for checking out the Recording Party!



What if I want to record all audio tracks, and I would like to record the entire screen? This is where teamwork comes into play. Just have another member of your party record the screen.

Mixing the Audio

If you don't have a good DAW to work with, or if you want to try a powerful and easy to use tool, check out Podcast Mixer. Podcast Mixer will take your individual audio files and ensure they're brought to the proper level for a podcast (or any media with spoken word). It has some other features that will help your audio sound great as well.

Setting Up Your Recording Area

If you're new to recording audio, or you'd like to ensure your gain levels are set properly for recording, head over to Podcast Soundcheck. This tool will allow you to test how hot your mic is. If your mic is too loud you're going to bring in some artifacts and unwanted background noise. Go for clarity! Your audience will subconsciously thank you.

Use Cases

You can use Recording Party to record a podcast with your friends and guests, screen record a YouTube video with a cool background, or to video call a friend. I'm sure there are more ways to use it, and there are more capabilities planned.

Keep in Mind

Recording Party works best on Windows and Mac. The tool has been tested on Chrome versions of Android devives, but Safari users have issues on Apple devices. For best results, hop on your laptop or desktop, pull up Chrome, and get the party started!

Overall, Recording Party is a free video conference recorder that is very easy to use. Try it out and tell a friend!

Get the party started!