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How Podcast Mixer Works

If you're looking for a way to make your podcast audio sound better for free, you've found it. Podcast Mixer is an automated podcast mixing tool that analyzes your audio file and produces a high quality mixed file for free. Simply upload your file and hit the "Process" button. Podcast Mixer's Auto Gain function constantly works at making sure your audio levels are optimal for a podcast.

That's the main problem with podcasts. As an avid podcast listener, I find it annoying when one speaker's voice is far quieter than another, or one episode is way louder than another. I also find it difficult to make it through an episode when the sound quality is rough. This easy to use tool can fix most podcast sound quality issues.

The tool also includes some optional choices such as Quiet Gaps, Less Noise, and Less Hum. Quiet Gaps removes noise between words and long pauses. Less Noise (only to be used with troubled audio) removes some of the unwanted noise from poor recording environments. Less Hum removes some hum noises from recordings.

Processing the audio without those choices will be fine in most cases. The automated features of this tool are the most powerful.

So give it a whirl! Upload your file and hit "Process" to see a before and after result. The difference may surprise you!

Stay tuned for updates and more advanced versions of this tool!