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How Record Right Works

Record Right is a powerful and free recording tool. Though it is simple and easy to use, this audio recording tool allows low budget podcasters and voiceover artists to produce high quality content. Let's take a look at some strategies that will work well with Record Right.

How to Use Record Right

A simple approach to using this tool would be to hit the "Record" button, record, hit the "End" button, and be on your way. Record Right has a great feature that takes recording content, for free, to a much higher level.

You are able to preload up to five sound clips into the virtual sound effects rack. This is perfect for setting up sound effects, long clips that you're going to talk about (you can pause and continue them), and your intro and outro.

This means you can easily load up your awesome intro music, start talking as the music starts to fade, have your mouse (or thumb) ready to click your hilarious (or serious) sound effect, cue a commercial, talk about a sound clip that you loaded, and then cue your outro music.

Not bad for a free online recording tool! Once you're done recording, you can download your file. Then, you can take it to Podcast Mixer to quickly ensure your podcast sounds amazing. Be on the lookout for new and free audio tools from Dawdio!