Podcast Sound Check


How Podcast Sound Check Works

Podcast Sound Check is a tool to help you, as the recorder, set your gain at a great recording level. Maybe you've run into the issue of having poor sound quality, or unwanted noise in your recording. This tool can help you set your volume levels for the best result.

There are 2 key areas to look at when using this tool:

Background Noise

Hit the "Mic Check" button to start analyzing your environment through your microphone (ensure that the one you're recording on is set as your default).

Now, with your mic on, be as quiet as possible and look at the analyzer. You should not see any movement in the volume meter (bottom) or the frequency section (top). Adjust your gain setting until no movement is seen.

If there is steady movement in the form of a peak in the lower left side of the frequency analyzer, you may have what's called a 60Hz Ground Loop Hum. This means that your mic's connection may be loose, or that you're near an appliance that is putting out that sound. If possible, turn that appliance off or move into another room.

Recording Level

Now, speak into your mic just like you normally would when recording. Watch the meter at the bottom. Make sure that when you're speaking the bar does not turn red, and it's best if it stays in the green. The reason for this is when you're done recording you may want to mix your podcast or you may want to use the Dawdio Podcast Mixer (you should try it!).

If you do not allow enough room in volume for your sound guy/girl/robot to work with, you may leave your mixer with not much to work with.

A great and easy routine to get into is to use the Podcast Sound Check tool to ensure your levels are right, then record (Record Right tool), then upload the recorded file in Podcast Mixer and let it mix it for you. That combination is hard to beat!

Happy great podcast making!